401K Fee and Service Audit

Corporations that sponsor retirement plans for the benefit of their employees have a fiduciary responsibility to understand how fees and expenses are being assessed within their plan and to ensure that they are reasonable.

Plan sponsors are often unaware of the many indirect fees that are frequently collected to offset plan expenses, such as 12b-1 and revenue sharing agreements. Furthermore, the majority of plan sponsors, in our experience, do not know that these expenses even exist or that they can be managed more effectively.

Indirect fees can expose plan sponsors to potential conflicts of interest and other fiduciary liabilities, which may be avoided by undertaking a comprehensive audit of their retirement plan expenses, benchmarking the results, and developing explicit cost assignment models and prudent investment policies.

We conduct fee audits for prospective clients on complimentary basis. Please contact Joshua H. Anderson, AIF® Financial Advisor to schedule a confidential appointment at 215- 497-7490 or via email josh.anderson@raymondjames.com.