Developing an investment strategy and plan specific to your needs.

We follow a very thorough process when developing an investment strategy and plan for you. Having a plan customized to your specific financial picture helps ensure that we have a clear road map for pursuing your goals. Here is a summary of the steps we will take to ensure we cover every important detail.

+Step 1: Introductory Meeting

Our initial meeting is devoted to fact-finding – specifically, learning all we can about you as a person and your goals as an investor. You'll find us taking many notes and spending considerable time listening intently. Prior to the meeting, we'll give you a checklist that details documents we'd like to review and questions we'll address in the meeting.

+Step 2: Formulate Planning Documents

Next, we'll formulate a set of financial planning documents, including investment policies that include your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, expected return, cash flow needs, and other criteria that will govern your financial plan. We'll formulate net worth and income statements as well as a current portfolio evaluation, to give you an overview of our assessment and identify areas of concern.

+Step 3: Make Recommendations

Using our proprietary methodology, and often with the support of Raymond James Asset Management Services (AMS), we carefully construct a diversified portfolio that seeks market-like returns with specific risk and return characteristics. We'll then meet with you to make our recommendations and review them with you.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.

+Step 4: Implement The Recommendations

Once our recommendations meet with your approval, we begin making the investments on your behalf. We'll be busy opening and transferring accounts, reviewing key issues and using the valuable resources available through Raymond James.

+Step 5: Set Up A Review Schedule With You

Once your plan has been implemented, we continually monitor its performance and manage its components so that it remains aligned with your objectives. We'll set up a schedule to review your portfolio based on your scheduling preferences and availability. Ideally, we'd like to meet every 90 days. We'll factor in any personal changes in your life, suggesting and making appropriate adjustments as necessary.